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About Us

Collective of 100+ years of experience in rigging and professional sailing. 

Welcome to First Spars, where deep passion for the sailing fueled by years of experience in marine industry converge to create exceptional engineered solutions for rigs and rigging.

Based in Southampton docks, we enjoy easy access to the best of the Solent, next door to Ocean Village and ten minutes from Hamble Point Marina.

Having roots in technical sales within the rigging sector, our background equips us with industry knowledge to comprehend your requirements and deliver tailored solutions. Since our inception, our driving force has been a passion for delivering world-class cruising and racing spars, carbon rigging, and service, ensuring excellence in every project.

We boast impeccable connections with major suppliers, ensuring access to top-quality materials and components for a diverse range of options tailored to unique needs propelling your maritime endeavours to new heights.

Meet The Team

Our team possesses an unmatched ability to craft expertly engineered solutions for rigs and restoration projects for 35m masts/75t yachts. Setting us apart is the presence of the country's sole dedicated mast and spar paint booth in our facility, designed to accommodate masts up to 37 meters long with advanced temperature and ventilation controls, ensuring an optimal environment for the perfect curing process.

Unleashing Excellence:
Approach to Design and Innovation

At First Spars we aim to be synonymous with excellence, so the services we offer are a combination of design aesthetics, craftsmanship and technology. We infuse our clients with our passion for excellence, prioritizing their needs and aspirations throughout the entire process offering comprehensive consultation.

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