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Optimize Your Sailing Experience: Expert Hydraulics & Rig Control

We understand the critical role of robust hydraulic systems and precise rig control for sailing yachts of all sizes. Our team leverages the power and reliability of hydraulics to seamlessly integrate custom systems into your yacht refit projects. We prioritize preventative maintenance through regular checks and servicing, ensuring your equipment functions flawlessly and adheres to manufacturer recommendations. This proactive approach extends the lifespan of your hydraulics, minimizes downtime, and prioritizes safety at sea.

Yacht Hydraulics

At First Spares, our expertise extends to the integral role of hydraulic systems and rig control in sailing yachts of all sizes. Recognizing the invaluable strength and load-bearing capacity of hydraulics, we seamlessly integrate various hydraulic systems into our recent yacht refit projects.


While hydraulics serve as a reliable means to move heavy items on board, their optimal functionality relies on correct maintenance. Our team emphasizes the importance of incorporating regular checks and services for hydraulic equipment into your annual yacht maintenance schedule, aligning with manufacturers' recommendations.


This proactive approach not only extends the lifespan of components but also mitigates the risk of system failures and associated safety concerns.

Safety remains paramount in our hydraulic system construction, where our dedicated team promptly addresses seemingly minor issues to prevent potential catastrophic failures. Our hydraulics department collaborates seamlessly with the electrical and engineering departments, leveraging our in-house fabrication of custom parts. This comprehensive approach enables us to oversee projects from start to finish without outsourcing labor or parts. Our skilled technicians excel in servicing and repairing various installations, offering expertise in installing entirely new hydraulic systems.

Our team can assist throughout the entire process, from design and planning to load calculations, part specifications, finding onboard space for equipment, and the final installation. Our versatility extends to diverse hydraulic jobs, including valve checks, hydraulic hose assembly, hydraulic ram rebuilding, and pump servicing. In this department, we are well-versed in various yacht hydraulic systems, such as bathing platforms, hydraulic vangs, stabilizers, engine bay hatches, lifting keels, rig tensioning, and cranes. Partnering with renowned brands like Reckmann, Harken, Lewmar, Besezoni, Opacmare, and Holmatro, First Spares is fully equipped to undertake and excel in your next hydraulic project.

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