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Southampton's Leading Experts in Yacht Rigging Services

Experience unparalleled yacht performance and safety with Southampton's leading yacht rigging specialists. Our meticulous services optimize your vessel for smooth sailing and ultimate reliability.

Yacht Standing Rigging

Our expertise lies in standing rigging, the backbone of sailboat support. We offer a diverse array of options tailored to meet various sailing requirements.

This includes : 

  • Wire Rigging: Traditional stainless steel wire rigging ensures strength and durability, suitable for a wide range of sailing vessels.

  • Rod Rigging: High-strength metal rods, such as Nitronic or Dyform, provide an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, ideal for high-performance yachts.

  • Dyform Rigging: An advanced version of wire rigging, Dyform enhances strength and flexibility through compact strand construction, perfect for high-load applications.

  • Composite Rigging: Incorporating materials like carbon fibers, composite rigging offers weight savings, corrosion resistance, and reduced windage, favored by racing enthusiasts and technology-driven sailors.

  • Kevlar Rigging: Lightweight and low-stretch, Kevlar rigging utilizes the strength of synthetic fibres, commonly found in racing and high-performance sailing.

  • Synthetic Rigging (e.g., PBO, Dyneema): Rigging crafted from high-strength synthetic fibres like PBO or Dyneema provides lightweight, low-stretch alternatives with corrosion resistance, suitable for both racing and cruising yachts.

Yacht Running Rigging

Elevate your yacht's sailing experience to new heights with our bespoke running rigging services. Designed to enhance both sail handling and navigation capabilities, our personalized approach ensures that every aspect of your yacht's running rigging is optimized for peak performance.

Running rigging is the lifeline of your vessel, comprising essential elements such as halyards, sheets, and control lines. These components are crucial for actively controlling sails and maneuvering your yacht with precision and efficiency. With our expertise, you can trust that your running rigging will be meticulously inspected by our specialized team.

Our thorough inspections go beyond surface-level assessments, allowing us to identify any signs of wear, chafe, or fatigue in your rigging components. We believe in proactive maintenance, which is why we offer expert replacements and upgrades using only the highest quality materials. This ensures the long-term reliability and performance of your running rigging, giving you peace of mind while you're out on the water.

Whether you're a seasoned racer or a leisure cruiser, we tailor our running rigging solutions to meet your specific needs and preferences. Our focus on quality craftsmanship and precision engineering guarantees an unparalleled sailing experience, regardless of your sailing style or destination.

Place your trust in us to enhance the performance of your super yacht. performance with our specialized running rigging services. Sail confidently knowing that your yacht is equipped with the finest rigging solutions, meticulously crafted to deliver exceptional results every time you set sail.

classic rigging

Optimizing Your Yacht's Rigging: Regular Checks and Replacements

Beyond installation, we ensure peak performance with regular rig maintenance. Regular check-ups ensure peak performance. This comprehensive approach mirrors our commitment to proactive maintenance, ensuring the seamless operation of your rigging systems.

Trust us with your yacht rigging needs and enjoy extended longevity, enhanced safety, and optimal functionality wherever you are. In addition to offering diverse rigging options, our skilled team conducts meticulous evaluations of your standing rigging components.

Our inspections catch worn, corroded, or fatigued parts before they impact your yacht's mast and rigging reliability. We recommend periodic replacements to uphold peak performance and safety standards.

yacht rigging regular checks
running rigging

Don't settle for compromised performance or potential safety risks. Our comprehensive inspections identify any wear and tear early, ensuring your rigging stays finely tuned for peak performance. Sail worry-free! Secure your rigging service today to guarantee professional inspection and maintenance of your yacht's rigging.

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