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Spars and Mast Transport Service

Discover Tailored Solutions for Spars Safety and Transport

At First Spars, we specialize in secure and efficient transport solutions for yacht masts and the broader components of sailing vessels across the UK and the European Union. Our commitment to spars safety and customer satisfaction drives us to provide comprehensive solutions that meet the diverse logistical challenges faced by yacht owners and sailing enthusiasts.

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Our Transport Options Include:

  • On Trailers: Designed for durability and stability, our trailers are perfect for safely transporting delicate mast rigging and spars. Each trailer is equipped with state-of-the-art padding and securing systems to ensure that every component remains unscathed throughout its journey.

  • On Lorries: Our lorries are ideal for moving larger or longer items, providing a robust option for the safe conveyance of yacht masts and other significant elements of sailing vessels.

  • In Cargo Shells: Choose our cargo shells for an added layer of protection, particularly suitable for spars that require shielding from environmental elements. This option ensures a controlled environment, safeguarding the integrity and safety of your spars during transit.

  • On Cargo Flights: When time is of the essence, our cargo flights offer a swift and secure method to transport your yacht's spars and rigging. This service is tailored for urgent needs or long-distance transport, minimizing the time your components spend in transit.

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We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of service, ensuring that every transport solution we offer adheres strictly to industry best practices for spars safety. Our team comprises seasoned professionals who understand the nuances of handling and transporting components critical to the performance of sailing vessels.


Whether you're transporting a single piece of mast rigging or a complete set of spars, our team ensures meticulous handling and secure transit. We understand the importance of each component's role in the safety and functionality of your sailing vessel, which is why we are committed to delivering each item with care and precision.

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Let Us Navigate the Complexities of Your Spars Transport Needs

Trust us to handle the logistics of transporting your yacht's essential components. We provide peace of mind with our dependable service, ensuring that every aspect of your spars' journey from pickup to delivery is managed with expertise and attention to detail.

Book today to discuss how we can assist with the safe transport of your yacht mast and rigging, and ensure your sailing vessel is equipped and ready for your next maritime adventure.

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