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Classic Yacht Rigging: Expert Restoration & Maintenance

Our comprehensive classic yacht rigging services cater to the specific needs of your pride and joy, offering expert restoration, meticulous replication, and custom spar construction.  We employ a unique blend of time-honored techniques and modern advancements to ensure the timeless beauty and functionality of your classic yacht's rigging for generations to come.

classic rigging boat

Classic yacht rigging attracts those who cherish the grace of traditional sailing and aim to capture the essence of a bygone era. Despite requiring more maintenance than modern rigging systems, the enduring allure of its aesthetic charm and historical significance positions classic rigging as the preferred choice for a multitude of sailing enthusiasts. Our extensive array of traditional rigging services is designed to cater to the varied requirements of classic yacht enthusiasts, encompassing tasks such as restoration, replication, and spar construction. Employing a fusion of traditional and modern techniques, we customize our services to meet individual preferences and uphold the timeless allure of classic yacht rigging.


Running rigging: Our dedication to authenticity goes beyond the surface, ensuring that these ropes embody a classic rigging aspect, preserving genuine traditional aesthetics. For ropes designed for classic and traditional boats, we provide choices featuring Dyneema® or Polyester cores, accompanied by Polyester covers that evoke a classic appearance reminiscent of gold hemp colours. The incorporation of modern fibers enhances the ropes' resistance properties, while a discontinuous Polyester fibber cover imparts a soft and natural cotton fibber appearance to the touch.

These ropes exhibit versatility, serving multiple purposes such as sheets, hoists, vangs, or halyards.

In addition to rope solutions, our traditional rigging services encompass a diverse range of vital tasks, including hand splicing, leatherwork, turn back and seizing, serving, cross plaiting, and more. Our expertise lies in the intricate hand splicing of shrouds and spans in wire, employing a locking splice method with a selection of galvanized and stainless-steel construction wire ropes.

Our proficiency in leatherwork extends to various applications, covering everything from block protection to drop-over soft eyes and cross plaiting of splices. We use high-quality leather, including chromed, oil-dressed, and oiled butt variations. Our offerings also feature classic blocks crafted from wood and tufnol, sourced from the world's foremost manufacturer of traditional products. 

classic rigging our proficiency in leatherwork

Our comprehensive services further include dressing traditional masts, stepping, rig setup, and sail trials, providing holistic solutions.

Whether you're seeking meticulous craftsmanship for a historic restoration or envisioning a bespoke creation infused with classic charm, our dedicated team is committed to fulfilling your traditional rigging requirements.

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