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Carbon AERORIGS® Full Rebuild on 60' KM Yachtbuilders Bestevaer

Updated: Apr 30

Free-standing and self rotating carbon fibre rig that seen 10s of thousands of miles of sailing is getting serious rebuild at First Spars.

Full Rebuild on 60' KM Yachtbuilders Bestevaer


TLC into what could be one of the most complex rigging projects in UK in 2022

Novara's AERORIGS need some TLC! Having expertise with high latitude expedition yachts, we were excited to be appointed by Novara owners to check and repaint two of Novara carbon spars.

After initial inspection we discovered several areas that indicated potential structural problems with the rig that was build and designed over 30 years ago and seen countless miles of severe weather. Involving original designers from Carbospars we begin discovery process of multiple problems mainly with both of Novara yards (booms) Credit to the original builders and designers this rig safely carried Novara crew around the world in most extreme conditions - probably much longer then originally design ever anticipated for, and decision was made to proceed with full rebuild rather than replacement.

S/Y NOVARA Arrived at First Spars in Southampton. Rig Unstepping begins...

S/Y Novara Carbon Rig Inspection


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